How we came to love a dog named Meatloaf.

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Meatloaf was a small puppy who's life didn't start out as well as it could have.

We had room for one more and went to the shelter one afternoon looking to add to our family. We looked at all the wonderful dogs that needed homes and there in a small kennel was Meatloaf.

At the time his name was Mister and he was found in the middle of a busy 4 lane highway here in PA.

 Shivering and scared I wanted to take him home right then and there, but we had to wait to see if a family was located. You see he had only been found that morning and there was a 48 hour hold on him.

We called every hour to see if he was still there, you see we were already in love with him and on day two we went and took him to his new home.

We changed his name to Meatloaf and he took to us right away. It was like he knew we had saved him.

We found out early on that he had food allergies and that is how Meatloaf's Kitchen was born. I needed to make sure he had the best treats that didn't contain anything that could make him sick. 

Meatloaf is head of research and development and the chief taste tester. Although his favorite still remains pea mut butter, he enjoys every treat I make.

We love him and he brings joy to our lives everyday. He loves long walks in the woods and watching football on the couch.